K1X CD/SACD Player From Esoteric

28th October 2019

A successor to the K1, the K1X is outwardly similar the new new player’s internal engineering has been completely revamped, incorporating key new transport mechanism and DAC

K1X CD/SACD Player From Esoteric

One of the headline changes to the K1X is the switch from the VRDS-NEO VMK-3.5-20S transport of the K1 to the newly developed VRDS-Atlas mechanism.

At 6.6kg the latest mechanism – which uses a solid-steel block instead of its predecessor’s aluminium type – is much wider.

It’s also more rigid and weighs 127% more than the previous version.

Furthermore, the motor (equipped with a newly designed thrust-bearing system) is now located below the disc tray, rather than above it.

This lowers the centre of gravity and so further reducing vibration.

Esoteric believes the VRDS-Atlas to be the best transport it has ever created.

K1X CD/SACD Player From Esoteric

It also features a MQA-compatible Master Sound Discrete (MSD) Digital to Analogue Converter.

K1X CD/SACD Player From Esoteric

Based on the original circuit used in the Grandioso D1X monoaural DAC, the 64bit MSD DAC, as the name suggests, is completely discrete.

It’s based on a custom Field-Programmable Gate Array with one independent, 32-element circuit board dedicated to each stereo channel.

Capable of handling 22.5MHz DSD and 768kHz PCM signals, the DAC can also function as a standalone converter, accepting digital signals via its USB/coaxial/optical inputs.

K1X CD/SACD Player From Esoteric

The K1X now features an evolved version of the Custom VCXO II clock circuit originally developed for the Grandioso P1X  transport/D1X DAC.

The K1X can also even be connected to a Grandioso G1 Master Clock (offering the same precision as an atomic clock).

The K1X CD/SACD Player is £36,200.

For more information about the Esoterix K1X please click www.esoteric-highend.eu

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