jr tube audio EL84 high end monoblocks: Custom designed and dual mode

17th December 2016

John Nouwens has custom-designed and built a pair of intriguing new valve-based monoblock amplifiers


The amps feature high bandwidth output transformers (24Hz to 72 kHz at full power), a dedicated CLCRC power supply with high percentage polypropylene capacitance and silver-plated OFC copper/teflon insulated wiring throughout.


The pair offer 15W of power at less than 1.5% distortion, very low negative feedback and a triode/pentode mode with ECC83 driver tubes.


Commenting on his transformers within the monoblocks, Nouwens said that, “It takes me around three hours to wind a single transformer. Much care is taken to ensure the windings are neat, that the interleaving paper is exact to the sides of the bobbin and that the windings fill completely to the edges. Interleaving paper is either Nomex or beeswax-impregnated craft paper.”


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