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Jern Speakers Now in the UK

Speaker manufacturer, Jern has partnered with UK distributor Whole Note Distribution

Jern, based in Denmark utilises an iron casting process normally reserved for cars and rather expensive models at that.

Jern Speakers Now in the UK

The result is a speaker enclosure formed from 100% recycled iron with added graphite, which Jern term ‘Vibrakill’.

Jern Speakers Now in the UK

Components from Scan-Speak and Mundorf complete the designs.

Jern and Whole Note Distribution will be attending the Bristol Hi-Fi Show on 21-23 February.

Founder Ole Lund Christensen will be on hand to answer any questions from attendees. Find them in room 114. 

To learn more, click www.wholenotedistribution.co.uk or call 0203 911 5549

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