L82 Classic speakers from JBL

24th January 2020

The L82 Classic is a modern version of the JBL L100 loudspeaker, released in 1970 (itself a consumer version of the JBL 4310 Pro Studio Monitor)

The new L82 Classic’s 203mm, 2-way system design is packaged and sold as mirror-image pairs.

The speakers provide a 25mm titanium dome tweeter with acoustic lens waveguide and front-panel HF Level attenuator. 

L82 Classic speakers from JBL

The tweeter is the same as used in the larger L100 Classic.

The system’s cast frame white poly cone woofer has bass-reflex tuning via a front-firing Slipstream port.

L82 Classic speakers from JBL

Check out the vintage JBL styling including an Quadrex foam grille (or, as my wife has it, “bathroom tiles”) in a choice of three colours — black, orange, or blue — all with a black and bronze JBL logo.

L82 Classic speakers from JBL

The enclosures are finished in a satin walnut wood veneer and can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

Accessories for the JBL L82 Classic loudspeakers include the JS-80 floor stands (sold as a pair), to elevate and angle the enclosures.

L82 Classic speakers from JBL

Additional retro Quadrex foam grille packs (black, orange, or blue) are also available.

Price is $2,500 per pair, while the JS-80 floor stands are $250 per pair and additional grille colours are $199 per pair.

Available from April 2020.

To learn more, click www.jblsynthesis.com

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