Iota Audio Design: V-R-S Record Stabiliser

29th August 2017

iota has developed the V-R-S vinyl record stabiliser, a CNC product machined from a billet of stainless steel

Able to fit into the recessed label area of a vinyl LP record, the top of the stabiliser has a turned “stadium”-shaped handle, for ease of use, faced with the company logo.

The underside of the stabiliser has a constrained layer of carbon fibre. The combination of the mass of the stainless steel and the damping effect of the constrained layer of carbon fibre act, says the company, “…upon vibrations within the vinyl record, both from the action of the styli on the record surface as well as any structural noise derived from a turntable, the stabiliser also ensures the LP record has even contact with the platter.”

The iota V-R-S stabiliser with a mass of 800g and, reportedly, does not apply an excessive bearing load to any “well engineered turntable”. The company still advises confirmation of suitability prior to use because of the additional mass of the stabiliser. Price is £75.

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