ION-001 vinyl ionizer From DS Audio

13th November 2019

Anti-static device looks to remove static ‘on the fly’, as it where

As its name suggests, the ION-001 emits a combination of positive and negative ions.

It does this in a controlled process from its dual outlets which, says the company, “…effectively neutralises and removes static electricity from the record’s surface.” 

The ION-001’s ‘tower’ design allows for placement of the ION-001 next to your turntable. 

It has a ‘no fan’ construction for silent operation and continuous use while playing records. 

ION-001 vinyl ionizer From DS Audio

What’s more, the its  power supply suppresses the generation of excess ozone, preventing unwanted oxidation.

All you need to do is switch it on at the beginning of a listening session and off at the end – and otherwise ‘set-and-forget’. 

The ION-001 can also be used to remove the static electric charge from CDs and DVDs.

Price is £1,500.

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