Iodata Fidata HFAS1 Network Audio Server From Japan

24th November 2016

The HFAS1, utilising Twonky Server 7, incorporates two 850EVO SSDs from Samsung. These drives utilise the manufacturer’s 3D V-NAND flash memory. the idea is to minimise voltage fluctuations to increase the part’s lifespan and low the power consumption


The aluminium chassis has been tweaked to lower noise while a single-point ground has been featured to perform the same job, grounding circuitry via a single connection to the unit’s copper base.


The HFAS1’s circuit board incorporates low-ESR electrolytic capacitors that includes audio-grade components. A valve crystal oscillator with low phase-noise characteristics is also added to limit clock jitter.


You can see, via the accompanying images, the inclusion of two LAN ports, one for audio and one for networking. The ‘for audio’ port is designed to be connected to a network audio player. The other port is designed to be connected to the user’s home network. The two LAN connectors have been oriented with the signal terminals at the top. The idea of that is to seek extra stability in terms of the contact with the LAN cables’ terminals.


This LAN design, says the company, “…prevents the connector and terminals from becoming misaligned in order to preclude any adverse effects from vibration.”


Staying with the LAN ports, both include LED lamps that flash or illuminate continuously in use. You can disable these lamps on the setup screen to minimise noise.


The unit is powered by two dedicated TDK-Lambda 50W power supplies (for a total of 100W), one for the main unit and one for the drive unit. Use of independent power supplies for the system and storage blocks restricts noise transference


Support for DSD files as well as WAV and FLAC is featured.


Spanning 350 x 350 x 64 mm, the unit weighs in at 6kg and is price around £6,400.

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