IEC power connectors from Furutech

19th August 2019

Furutech has added three new IEC models, which are positioned just under the range topping FI-50

The trio’s pure copper IEC conductors are (as their names suggest) plated with gold, silver or rhodium.

All three models have a nylon/fiberglass body with Nano Crystal² Formula (NCF). Created by, and exclusive to, Furutech, NCF features a crystalline material that has two ‘active’ properties. First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static. Second, it converts thermal energy into far infrared.

IEC power connectors from Furutech

Furutech’s patented Floating Field Damper System star-grounds the metal parts in which floating magnetic fields are induced by current flow.

Each of the three conductors features an aluminium or stainless steel housing incorporating damping and insulation materials. A metal cable clamp aids grip. All metal parts are ‘alpha’-treated: a proprietary process involving cryogenic freezing and ring demagnetisation.

IEC power connectors from Furutech

Furutech’s new IEC power connectors are available now priced as:

  • FI-46 NCF (gold) £155
  • FI-48 NCF (silver) £195
  • FI-48 NCF (rhodium) £210

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