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HS-001 headshell From DS Audio

Normally, a single vertical pin is utilised on the upper side of the connector, resulting in, “…uneven pressure between the arm and the headshell,” said the company. The HS-001 features both an upper and a lower vertical pin structure, to equalise the pressure on the electrical contacts and ensure an even application of force across the connection to the tonearm

HS-001 headshell From DS Audio

In addition, the whole contact surface is then further anchored by a domed headshell washer, custom-developed by DS Audio. Applied at the point of contact with the tonearm, the washer, “…provides even greater stability and resonance control,” said the company.

HS-001 headshell From DS Audio

The HS-001’s body is made from a solid billet of duralumin, a light yet rigid aluminium alloy.

HS-001 headshell From DS Audio

DS Audio selected a Japanese made Litz wire for the HS-001 signal leads, which are hand-soldered.

HS-001 headshell From DS Audio

Signal lead wires and connector parts are also available unsoldered, on request.

HS-001 headshell From DS Audio

Size is 21 x 40 x 55mm and weight is 10.5g. Price is £400.

For more information, click www.ds-audio-w.biz  or ring 0118 981 4238

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