HiFi World Magazine Closes

12th September 2022

I have just received this sad news from the editor and publisher of HiFi World, Noel Keywood

The release says…

“Published since 1991, I regret to tell you that after 32 years Hi-Fi World magazine must now cease publication, since the company producing it – Audio Web Publishing Ltd – has became financially unviable due to loss of  bookstand sales in the High Street, at railway stations and airports around the world during the Covid Pandemic. Until 2019 Audio Web Publishing Ltd was trading profitably, but has currently ceased to do so.  

“As director I am obliged to liquidate the company and have appointed KSA Group Ltd (licensed insolvency practitioners) to assist and place the company into a creditors voluntary liquidation in order to protect creditors interests.

“All creditors of the company will receive, by post, from KSA Group Ltd, details of a forthcoming creditors meeting and how to make a claim in the liquidation for any financial loss you may have, or are likely to incur. 

“I offer heartfelt thanks to all the readers who have supported us for so long. It was the work of my lifetime and very enjoyable too. Thank you all so much. 
Noel Keywood, publisher.”

As many of you will know, I was a contributor to the magazine. In fact, the longest serving contributor until very recently. I’ll be sad to see it go. It was an odd, quirky little magazine which offered a voice, all its own. It scooted off in its own direction. It never felt corporate. If anything, it was the closest HiFi news-stand magazine I know to a hobbyist publication.

And that’s why I liked it. That’s why I was attracted to writing for the thing, all those years ago.

And end of an era.