Hafler HA75-DAC headphone amplifier: Valves from Vancouver

26th September 2017

The HA75-DAC, valve-based headphone amplifier and USB digital to analog converter (up to 24bit/192kHz) is based around the 12AX7 valve

A non-radiating charge pump is utilised to apply 140V to the valve for, “…optimal headroom and vintage inspired warmth,” said the company.

Also included is the Focus control, which can be dialed in to simulate the, “…effect of listening to live speakers in a room.”

Another new feature on the Class A HA75-DAC is the headphone load impedance selector. This can be set from 20 to 400 Ohms. You’ll also find a 3-position “voicing” switch that can be used to boost low frequencies, increase overall loudness or set to bypass for “neutral voicing”.

The HA75-DAC features both XLR and RCA analog audio connections. Spanning 165 x 200 x 44mm, the price is  $1,300

For more information click hafler.com