Grid Method, Speaker Calibration from Leema

21st April 2020

Leema Acoustics has published a free speaker calibration guide for music lovers wanting to get the best from the hardware they already own

Which means that the ‘Grid Method’ is actually not a trendy contraception technique nor is it a handy way to flush your drains. It is, in fact, a full-colour PDF, free to download from here:

Grid Method, Speaker Calibration from Leema

Leema and speakers have long history. The company’s first product was a compact five-litre micro monitor, the Xen. Founder Lee Taylor said, “I couldn’t find a really high-quality micro monitor for home and studio use; they were either compromised in the bass or in SPL capability. My co-founder and I decided to design a micro monitor of only 5l volume with a bass response from 55Hz -6dB to 25kHz +/-1.5dB.”

Grid Method, Speaker Calibration from Leema

That’s why this free speaker calibration guide has been produced by Leema. Instead of the guys making yet more coffee, finding faces in drifting clouds and counting the yellow cars passing their HQ window. 

The new Grid guide has been designed to help Leema Acoustics’ customers (and others…you perhaps?) ensure correct speaker placement and, therefore, realise the full potential of low-distortion Welsh electronics.

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