Acoustic Preference’s Gracioso 2.0 LE: Limited to 99 Pairs

22nd November 2016

Each speaker features 184 wooden blocks with criss-cross grain to lower resonance. Each is cut, each segment is hand positioned and then brushed with four layers of natural wax, then polished

The cabinet is shaped as a droplet (no parallel planes are present inside the cabinet).


The shape of the front has been completed in order to reduce baffle diffraction and enhance imaging.


A dispersed ‘down fire’ bass reflex system is used for easier room placement, while a bass reflex tube is placed on the bottom of the cabinet to conduct air via a proprietary diffuser.


A point-to-point crossover system plus Mundorf electronics are used within plus solid silver internal wires for LE models. In terms of drivers, mid-bass drivers are sourced from Morel to raise their sensitivity over 90dB.


For upper frequency range, the company has chosen Scanspeak tweeters, made as matched pairs. Crossovers are additionally dampened with proprietary layers of rubber on the down side. Each crossover component is bolted and glued to the base and point-to point wired, which is then bolted to the cabinet.


Finally, quality aluminium bi-wiring terminals are provided for single or bi-wire speaker connection with high grade rhodium connectors. Each unit weighs in at 27kg. Price is around £9,800.


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