Goldring releases its new E Series of Moving Magnet Cartridges

15th July 2017

Goldring is starting to ship its new E Series Moving Magnet cartridges. The Goldring E Series are optimised for the medium to high mass tonearms

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All cartridges in the range use Magnetic Duplex Technology that, says the company, “…lowers crosstalk and hence increases stereo separation.”

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Conventional moving magnet cartridges use a single magnet that interacts with two vertically mounted coils to produce a stereo signal from the groove.

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The Goldring E Series cartridges feature a dual magnet arrangement.

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Magnetic Duplex Technology uses two low mass magnets which interact only with their partnering pickup coil, angled at 45 ̊.

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Featuring spherical styli with a choice of cantilevers, the E1 and E2 models are ideal as an improved replacement for any budget, pre-fitted or obsolete cartridge.

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The E1
Features a bonded, spherical (0.6 mil) stylus with a round shank. Also features a carbon fibre reinforced ABS cantilever tube. Price is £60.

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The E2
Features the same stylus profile as the E1 but with the additional benefit of an upgraded aluminium cantilever. This is both stiff and light weight allowing the stylus to more accurately trace medium to high frequencies. Price is £80.

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The E3
Utilises the same aluminium cantilever but benefits from a superior bonded, super-elliptical (0.3 x 0.7 mil) stylus. Price is £100

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