GoldenEar Technology’s Triton Five tower speaker

21st December 2015

GoldenEar Technology’s new Triton Five tower speaker is a larger version of GT’s Triton Seven.

The Five’s cabinet construction of non-parallel baffle, top and side walls includes a narrow front baffle in concert with a grille cloth sock and a sculpted piano-gloss black base.

Like the Triton One, Two and Seven before it, the Five utilises a D’Appolito Array of two bass/midrange drivers and GT’s High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter. The HVFR tweeter is a variation of an accordion-like ribbon transducer – the Air Motion Transformer – invented by Oscar Heil. Rather than vibrate when current is applied, the folded HVFR ribbon works like a squeeze box: the folds squeeze and expand with the current to produce sound waves.

Above and below the tweeter, the cast-basket 203mm bass/midrange drivers are engineered for long-throw.

Like the Triton One, the Five incorporates four side-mounted 203mm  sub-bass radiators (two on each side), located near the floor for optimum coupling to the room. Price? £2000 pair.

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