Gofigure app updated by Chord

1st July 2020

Chord Electronics’ Gofigure set-up app for Poly and 2go has been updated

The new version of the Gofigure app looks to improve performance and prepares the new 2go streamer/server for a forthcoming firmware roll out.

The latest version, Android 1.2.90 and iOS 2.05 for iOS, benefits from enhancements to AirPlay, Wi-Fi and MPD, as well as several improvements affecting playlists, battery status and network switching.

The new and improved version of Gofigure has been released on both Android and Apple platforms simultaneously. 

Users are advised to undertake a fresh install for best results while iOS 13 and Android 7 (or higher) are also recommended.

2go users are strongly advised to update to the latest version of Gofigure, in order to optimise their devices for new 2go firmware (the first since the product’s January debut) which will automatically roll out via an over-the-air update this month.

To remind you, Gofigure is free and is available now for iOS and Android devices: search ‘Gofigure’.

To read more, click www.chordelectronics.co.uk