GIK Acoustics Precision Gotham N23 127Mm Skyline Diffusor 

21st April 2017

No someone hasn’t gone freaky with foamy parcel packing. It’s GIK Acoustics who’s at it again. This time it has launched a new diffusor with the release of decidedly Batman-esque Gotham N23 5” Skyline Diffusora precision-cut, 23-root, two-dimensional Quadratic Skyline Diffusor

Skyline Diffusors – more accurately called two-dimensional diffusors – have the advantage of scattering sound across two planes: horizontal (left & right) and vertical (up & down). This two-dimensional scattering broadens the soundscape and makes a room sound larger.


The Gotham N23 has a working diffusion range from 1250hz to 9500hz with scattering effects down to 650hz.

It is made using medium density fibreboard (MDF) and is wall mounted.

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