1st May 2018

SME, the British Hi-Fi outfit, has acquired the rights to the Garrard audio brand from IGB Gradiente S.A. of Brazil. To support owners of existing Garrard idler drive turntables, SME has also acquired Loricraft Audio, the only authorised Garrard service agent

Stuart McNeilis, CEO of SME, had this to say about today’s developments, “It is with great pleasure that we can announce the acquisition of the Garrard audio brand…in many ways, Garrard’s legacy mirrors SME’s, with precision engineering, design and manufacturing, based in the UK. Many of these great turntables were paired with SME tonearms and there has always been a natural synergy between the two company’s products. As an iconic British brand, Garrard deserves to be enjoyed by a new generation of audiophiles.”

Garrard 301

A classic name in hi-fi, producing turntables such as the 301 and 401, Garrard remains popular in hi-fi circles.

Managing Director of Loricraft, Terry O’Sullivan has kept the Garrard name alive. He deserves great credit for that too. He and his team has serviced and re-built Garrard products since 1997, along with manufacturing support products, including his superb vinyl record cleaning machines. 

Garrard 301 in a rather nice plinth

“With years of experience and expert knowledge that will be crucial as SME develops the Garrard audio brand, the acquisition of Loricraft Audio was essential, as it enables the continued ability to service and maintain existing products.” added McNeilis. “We are delighted that Terry and his team will join the SME family and bring their vast experience with them.”

Garrard 401

So, what does that mean then? New Garrard turntables? Apparently, “…further announcements regarding the development of the Garrard audio brand,” will be issued, as and when. But the possibilities are tantalising. 

Loricraft Record Cleaning Machine

Loricraft Audio, now supported by SME, will continue offering its re-build and repair service for Garrard 301s and 401s, along with the supply of its accessories and record cleaning machines, from its facility in West Berkshire, England.

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