Fysis 50Ti Amplifier in a New Skin

7th May 2019

The Fysis 50Ti from Trinaudio is to be released in a new style chassis

And that’s about it, really. I’d love to tell you more but I’m having an issue finding more, ok any, information.

Fysis 50Ti in A New Skin

I could have contacted the company itself, which would have been the obvious and sensible move but time defeated my intentions and I wanted to show you the images of the Fysis 50Ti amplifier as soon as…. I thought it looked intriguing, at any rate. Hopefully I can fill in the information gap, which is currently the size of Alaska, as soon as possible. No price yet.

Fysis 50Ti in A New Skin

To learn more…well, actually that’s debatable because the website is bereft but still, click www.trinaudio.com

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