Freya IEMs from Kinera: Oh, Good Goddess

24th June 2020

The Freya is a quad-hybrid IEM that includes one dynamic driver and three balanced armature drivers

It’s all about Norse gods, of course. The name, that is. A goddess, great beauty, love, etc.  

Although when a company says things like this on its attendant press release, “…our idea was to create an IEM that resembled the qualities of this brave Goddess.” I tend to move away from my laptop, flop backwards into my chair, place a hand on my forehead and broadly pinch the skin to relieve the tension.

After five more press release lines of this, the company decided to talk about hi-fi once more.

Then again, when the two available colours are described as, “At first glance, they look so similar, yet they are so different.” I must admit I did blurt out a laugh. Sorry.

Freya IEMs from Kinera: Oh, Good Goddess

Anyway, both offer a beach pebble swirl of colours based on a sort of rose red and greeny blue. With added gold bits or, as the company has it, “The white Freya has the beauty of red, the tenderness of purple, and the fearlessness of gold, sometimes youthful and lively. The Black Freya highlights the courageous and fearless blue light that shines in the dark night.”


Freya IEMs from Kinera: Oh, Good Goddess

The Freya arrives with 110dB sensitivity and an impedance of 22 Ohms. They use 2-pin 0.78 sockets. Check out more specs in the accompanying images above (click to expand them). Out now, the price is $250.

I’m off for a little lie down now.

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