3rd November 2014


These multi-layered isolation feet use four ceramic balls as the basis for the suspension system. More specifically, you place a metallic top cap upon a partly exposed ceramic ball that sits at the top of the main foot chassis to complete the minor assembly. An inner disc is further suspended from the main body by another three balls that aim to isolate the system from resonance. The feet arrive in Slim and Fat versions. A single slim foot can support 50kg whilst a single Fat can hold 80kg. The feet are available in sets of three or four.

Playing The Who’s Pinball Wizard and adding the Franc feet to my Densen CD player removed unsettling upper frequency bloom and smearing that had attached themselves to the vocal and lead guitar. Intriguingly, the bass guitar now became a major part of the mix.

Although the Francs didn’t quite have the midrange maturity and richness of bass frequencies of my more expensive Hush reference isolation system (£525), the Francs retained impressive bass response in terms of its tonal characteristics becoming rounded in nature while secondary percussion was visible for the first time. Treble, in the meantime, was delicate in terms of its delivery.

Turning to vinyl, placing the feet under my Aesthetic pre-amp and playing Leo Kottke’s Bean Time, the finer details of the Kottke’s guitar finger picking where now noticeable and the improved instrumental and string separation allowed more space to be injected into the performance. A greater emotive playback was heard too, as physical emphasis upon the guitar became a part of the track.

Not the best isolation system that I’ve ever heard, lacking value for money and rather over-engineered to boot, but these feet still make a positive difference to the performance of your hi-fi.

Check out for your local distributor. Price: set of 3 feet (€300): Fat set of 3 feet (€550).