T60RP by Fostex: Keeping it Regular…Phase

13th December 2017

Planar magnetic headphones with wooden cups and balanced connection options, the T60RP models are aimed at portable players and static headphone amplifiers

No great image shakes from Fostex yet but these fine blogs have spotted the models out in the wild. You see more from this blog HERE

The new TP60RP Regular Phase headphones from Fostex includes its own proprietary RP diaphragms made of polymide film with copper foil etching. The included neodymium magnets sit inside the African mahogany cups.

T60RP by Fostex: Keeping it Regular…Phase

You can learn more HERE

The standard straight detachable connector spanning 1.5m, offers unbalanced connection with various balanced connection options. Optional cables ensure ‘off the shelf ‘compatibility with recent balanced-connection-ready DAPs and headphone amplifiers. The standard and optional cables are made of OFC while newly developed yoke panels have, “…less than half the carbon content for more efficient magnetic transmission and better linearity,” said he company.

T60RP by Fostex: Keeping it Regular…Phase

You can read more HERE, if you know the language

The headband is made from leather. Price is £300 from January 2018.

To lear more, click www.scvdistribution.co.uk or www.fostexinternational.com