Folded Record Bureau by Hugh Miller HandMade

10th May 2017

Designed by UK-based Hugh Miller of HM HandMade, the piece is made from a band of solid Iroko


Just in case the wood name wrinkles your forehead, let me tell you all about it. This wood comes from tropical Africa from a tree that hits around 130ft in height with a medium/coarse grain. It’s a durable wood and won’t rot. Sometimes, you see it as a substitute for teak.


As for its relationship to the design? “The timber intertwines and punches through itself to make an angled shelf for record storage, and the upturned end provides a space for your favourite audiophile magazine,” said the company.


It looks…odd. Interesting. Strange. It almost asks you to tilt your head to one side to take it in.


But what is this on the left? Yes, the designer has installed a vintage 1985 Bang and Olufsen BeoGram 5000 turntable, seamlessly integrated with all it’s original controls.


Spanning 1730 x 520 x 490, the price is “on application” meaning, if you have to ask…


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