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Fidelio X3 headphones From Philips

The latest version of the open-back Fidelio headsets include multi-layered, gel-filled polymer drivers, accompanied by a neodymium motor system

The new Fidelio X3 features double-layered ear shells with a new, “…internal ridge construction designed to reduce vibrations,” said the company.  

Fidelio X3 headphones From Philips

The speaker plates of the Fidelio X3 are pre-tilted to a 15-degree angle to, “…fit more accurately to the natural shape of the ear.”

Fidelio X3 headphones From Philips

A “lightweight” dark satin steel frame is covered in “responsibly sourced” black Muirhead leather and combines with a felt headband and velour memory foam ear-pads.

Fidelio X3 headphones From Philips

The normal grill has been replaced with an acoustically transparent Kvadrat fabric.

The headphones can also be used in balanced mode. A balanced, twisted-pair cable is also included and features 2.5mm TRRS connector.

Fidelio X3 headphones From Philips

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