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Festival of Sound, 28-30 September 2018

The Festival of Sound show takes place at the Novotel London West, Hammersmith International Centre, London

Not just a hi-fi show but also a live music venue with lifestyle twiddly bits, the Festival of Music (once known as the Indulgence Show) will feature a range of well known brands including…

Festival of Sound, 28-30 September 2018

And that lot’s just A-C!

…Vertere, FM Acoustics, Chord Electronics, Audiolab, Wharfedale, PMC, KEF, Proac, Arcam, Revel, Mark Levinson, Nordost, GIK Acoustics, Quadraspire, Russ Andrews, Supra Cables, Townshend Engineering, Wire on Wire and more.

Festival of Sound, 28-30 September 2018f Sound

Plus music stars such as The Art of Noise, Squaeeze’s Chris Difford, Beth Nelson Chapman, UNKLE, Antonio Forcione, Kokomo and more.

Festival of Sound, 28-30 September 2018

The Art of Noise…possibly

To learn more and find out how to get in, which will be via a mixture of ‘on the door’ and ‘special event’ tickets, click festivalofsound.co.uk or call 020 8336 0820

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