GC6500R Reference Flagship Speaker From Falcon

14th September 2018

The GC6500R includes – deep breath – the…Falcon Sonaweave Graphene Enhanced Nano-Platelet Cone deployed in the bass driver design…and relax

The use of Graphene allows the diaphragm to be, “…60% lighter and thinner than those of conventional drivers, with significantly improved rigidity, improved damping and a natural, well-controlled roll-off,” said the company.

GC6500R Reference Flagship Speaker From Falcon

Computer modelling led Falcon to choose an inverse Hypocycloid profile for the waveguide used by the GC6500R’s 25mm dome horn-loaded midrange driver, which has been re-engineered in-house. The ribbon tweeter has been modified by Falcon too.

GC6500R Reference Flagship Speaker From Falcon

The GC6500’s crossover network is mounted on a 3.2mm laminated FR4 PCB with gold-plated double-side copper tracking and features precision-wound “…close tolerance Air Core Inductors and Polypropylene Capacitors”. All internal wiring is of 2.5mm TPE Insulation wire.

GC6500R Reference Flagship Speaker From Falcon

The speaker’s cabinet is hand-made in Italy using laminated 25mm MDF with an extra 9mm of damping throughout. The 38mm Alcantara covered baffle is computer profiled while the 18mm reinforced rear panel features Falcon-profiled heatsinks within a tooled back plate. Finishes include Walnut and Mahogany real wood veneers and, at a premium, exotic wood veneers or any customer-specified high gloss RAL colour.  The GC6500’s smoked glass top is complemented by metal work made from MIC6 Aluminium Cast Tool Plate. Out in October. 

Prices for the GC6500R:

Walnut and Mahogany real wood veneers: £18,995

Exotic real wood veneers: £19495

Custom RAL colours: £20,100

Call 01423 358846 or click www.karma-av.co.uk

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