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F300 & F500 Speakers From Fyne

New F300 and F500 ranges of stand-mounted and floor standing speakers launched by the Scottish outfit

The F300 range offers a choice of two stand-mount models, two floorstanders, a centre channel and dipole speaker. Rigidity is provided on all F300 models through a combination of MDF panels which are cross-braced internally.

F300 & F500 Speakers From Fyne

Additional stiffness is achieved by coupling the low frequency driver’s magnet to the cabinet bracing using a resonant absorbing mastic. 

F300 & F500 Speakers From Fyne

Widening the footprint on the floor standing models, using a plinth with floor coupling spikes, provides “stability for tight bass and accurate stereo imaging”.

F300 & F500 Speakers From Fyne

Components used within the crossover, includes a low loss LF laminated core inductor and HF polypropylene capacitor.

F300 & F500 Speakers From Fyne

Gold-plated speaker terminals are included too while the F303 has bi-wire terminals.

F300 & F500 Speakers From Fyne

Constructed with a multifibre paper cone on the bass/midrange unit, the F300 driver is enhanced with FyneFlute technology. Used on the driver’s roll rubber surround, it provides a non-homogeneous interface which “effectively terminates cone energy”.

F300 & F500 Speakers From Fyne

The tweeter combines a Neodymium magnet system with a 25mm Polyester dome.

The F500 series is based around an IsoFlare point source drive unit into a rigid cabinet, with a porting system. Floor standing models in the F500 series use a rigid MDF plinth with large floor coupling spikes.

F300 & F500 Speakers From Fyne

Additionally, the spikes can be adjusted from above the plinth allowing levelling of the speaker. The cabinets are crafted using real wood veneers and are available in choice of dark oak or black oak.

F300 & F500 Speakers From Fyne

The proprietary IsoFlare design ensures “constant directivity of the wave front generated”.

F300 & F500 Speakers From Fyne

The BassTrax internal, downwards-firing port system includes a Tractrix profile diffuser (patent applied for) that converts plain wave port energy to a spherical 360-degree wave front.

F300 & F500 Speakers From Fyne

Low-loss, laminated core inductors and “audiophile-grade” polypropylene capacitors are used exclusively throughout.

Prices? F500, £600; F500 Custom Stands, £350; F501, £1,200; F502, £1,600; F500C, £450; F300, £180; F301, £250;; F302, £400; F303, £600 & F300C, £180.

To learn more, click www.fyneaudio.com

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