F1-5 & F1-8 Speakers From Fyne

3rd November 2020

Designed, manufactured and hand finished in Glasgow, UK the speakers offer traditional piano gloss real walnut veneers and burr walnut inlays

The new standmount models are based on 125mm and 200mm IsoFlare point source drivers. 

The smaller F1-5 unit mates a 125mm mid/bass cone complete with Fyne’s FyneFlute roll surround, with a 19mm magnesium dome compression tweeter positioned at the centre of the driver. 

F1-5 & F1-8 Speakers From Fyne

F1-5 (top, above and below)

“Covering the full audio range, this driver creates a time aligned isotropic wave front. The result is a true point source with vanishingly low distortion, high power handling and unequalled musical cohesion,” said the company.

F1-5 & F1-8 Speakers From Fyne

The larger F1-8 scales up its smaller sibling with a dedicated 200mm IsoFlare driver. 

F1-5 & F1-8 Speakers From Fyne

This unit combines a multifibre mid/bass cone with a 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter plus the FyneFlute roll surround, cast aluminium chassis and ferrite HF magnets.

F1-5 & F1-8 Speakers From Fyne

Birch-ply cabinets and Fyne’s BassTrax technology is also included. Incorporated into the machined aluminium plinths of the ‘5’ and ‘8’, BassTrax uses a Tractrix profile diffuser cone that transfers the plane wave LF energy from the cabinet’s down-firing port into a 360-degree spherical wave front.

F1-5 & F1-8 Speakers From Fyne

Both new standmount models add a front-mounted aluminium knob. This control moves through the 2.5kHz-5kHz region, of up to +/-3dB, gives you an adjustment of the soundstage.

F1-8 (above and below)

The F1-5 is 321mm tall and offers 87dB efficiency. The 470mm tall F1-8 arrives with 91dB efficiency. 

Dedicated FS8 loudspeaker stands have been created for both.


Fyne Audio F1-5, Piano Walnut Veneer: £3,000 per pair.

Fyne Audio F1-8, Piano Walnut Veneer: £6,000 per pair.

Fyne Audio FS8 loudspeaker stands, black: £1,000 per pair.

To learn more, click www.fyneaudio.com