Exposure DAC upgraded to include DSD

2nd July 2016

Just a quicky for you. Exposure has upgraded the standard 2012S2 by adding single-rate DSD (DSD x64 or DSD 2.8mHz) to the feature complement, accompanying the 24bit/192kHx PCM support. That’s it, really.

The 2010S2 is available in titanium or black. Price for the new model including DSD is £920. Current owners of the existing 2010S2 DAC can upgrade to the new DSD version for £400.

2010s2 DSD DAC Titanium - Front

For more information, call 01273 423 877 or click on www.exposurehifi.com/products/item/2010s2-digital-to-analogue-converter.html to learn more about the DAC’s general features and facilities.