Exclusives News #2: Patreon Posts Update

14th February 2020

The second batch of exclusive posts are now up on Patreon, combining the second in a growing series of Buyer’s Guides devoted to Speakers, high-value Music Memorabilia items from Kate Bush to The Clash and Beatles and a new archival piece aimed at the rockabilly pioneer, Charlie Feathers

Two of the five tiers on my Patreon page feature monthly giveaways. That is, review samples I have which I’m now prepared to release. I’m talking about vinyl – whether they be LPs or 7″ singles – hi-fi accessories, CDs, CD and vinyl promos (which can be quite collectable, depending on your interests), books and other oddments. The giveaways tend to be of the mystery variety. That is, whatever is hanging around at any one given moment.

If giveaways are not your thing, though, then the exclusive posts might be more for you.

I’ll quickly run through those below. Each are accessible via a particular tier on the Patreon page.


If you select this tier, this series of Guides will be a permanent and growing facility. As more appear, all you’ll need to do is click on the Buyer’s Guide tag on my page and all of the Guides will be collected for you. To begin, I published an Audiophile Turntable Buyer’s Guide which spans all three principle price brackets: budget, midrange and high end.


Now? I have just released a Buyers Guide on Speakers, covering budget, midrange and high-end models


Selecting this tier, you will access regular music memorabilia articles. This section is partly a fun thing but it should also provide an element of use, especially to collectors of vinyl, posters and other ephemera wanting to buy or sell.


Why? Firstly, because it provides an awareness of what sort of goodies are appearing on the market via collectors, dealers and auction houses. It also gives you contacts, sources for these valuable items, if you’re ever looking to buy.

Most importantly, the prices can be critical. Sometimes the items I cover might only be available as an estimated price range (especially from auction houses) but, even so, the price points give you a rough idea as to the value of these items. Everything including first edition LPs, autographs, posters and flyers, to clothes, guitars and cars.

Check out my Patreon page to see a free sample, so you know what this section is all about.

This month includes items from The Sex Pistols, The Beatles, John Lennon, Led Zeppelin and many more.


I’ve been writing for many years which means that I have quite a lot of work that sits in my archive. Unpublished items that have not seen the light of day for many years and reviews and features that you might still find of interest for a host of reasons. Whether they include general interest or, in the case of older reviews, practical use.


Selecting this tier will open up pieces on reviews of vinyl and CDs, box sets and special editions, some include accompanying interviews with musical artists or mastering engineers. I will also have old hi-fi reviews here which can provide a useful source of information, even now, especially if you’re looking to buy second hand for example.

For this month, I’m looking at the rockabilly pioneer, Charlie Feathers that includes and look at his Sun CD box set from Germany’s Bear Family plus a chat with Hank Davis, the re-issue producer.


You can find more about these posts as well as checking out a few free samples I have listed and how to grab those giveaways at my Patreon Page: www.patreon.com/audiophileman

More exclusive content will be added on a monthly basis.