EVO 100 Valve DAC From PrimaLuna

6th September 2019

PrimaLuna has announced the EVO 100 DAC, what it terms as “…the world’s first valve-based data clocking device.” Incorporating a low-noise mini-triode vacuum tube into the digital clock

PrimaLuna custom-winds its own toroidal power transformers for the new EVO 100 DAC that are, “…low in hum and EMI”. Ph, and there’s the AC Offset Killer of course which is there to lower transformer noise.

Parts include polypropylene coupling caps, triple pi power supply filters, custom designed isolation transformers which separate the analogue and digital devices, resulting in, “…decreased signal degradation and improved sonics…”

EVO 100 Valve DAC From PrimaLuna

Weighing over 13kg, the new DAC includes point-to-point wiring, dual-mono topology, a valve-rectified power supply that incorporates 11 separate power supply regulation circuits.

As for the included USB input? “PrimaLuna engineers searched endlessly looking for the best-sounding USB interface we could find. Our USB input converts the jitter-filled USB digital signal to S/PDIF, dramatically improving the digital signal quality before it gets to the SuperTubeClock. This USB input is a true high-resolution digital input.”

SuperTubeClock? It replaces the solid state oscillator normally found in a DAC with a mini triode valve to lower jitter. The valve is a, “…rugged, long-life Russian military Triode specifically designed for oscillation purposes.”

Price? £2,888. Check out the video on the DAC below…

To learn more, click www.primaluna-usa.com or call 020 8971 3909

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