Even H1 headphones: give you a quick hearing test before play

5th July 2017

Even’s H1 headphones features a hearing test that tunes music to fit your hearing profile

These new headphones feature EarPrint technology that, after giving your ears an aural examination, should improve the overall sound quality from the headphones. That’s the idea, anyway.

The company said that their, “Singular Sound Technology only addresses the frequencies you need, thus enabling you to hear better – with less volume. And less volume is healthier.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 13.06.13

The frequency range of the test is from 125hz to 14Khz, eight frequencies in each ear, “Standard hearing tests use six frequencies, from 250hz to 8khz, as they are geared towards assessing a person’s ability to understand speech, which is typically located in the 1-8 Khz range. Since we are looking to give you the next generation music and podcast listening experience, we have widened that range substantially,” said the company.

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The system is even recommended for those who have suffered from clinical hearing loss.

The over ear design arrives with walnut wood earcups, adjustable steel joints and vegan leather and is terminated with a 3.5mm plug.

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Sporting Beryllium, 50mm drivers, the H1 headphones include a Lithium Ion battery that handles 12 hours of continuous play plus an inline remote and microphone for smartphone use as well as control for volume, play and pause.

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As well as the headphones, the overall package also includes a carry case and charging cable along with that, tangle resistant, inline remote.

Price is £200 and they can be purchased HERE.

Click www.weareeven.com to learn more