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Essence Monoblock Amplifiers from Gryphon

This Essence monoblock design uses a custom-built shielded, high current toroidal transformer with dual windings for left and right channel 

There’s more, as you might expect. The output stage and driver stage for the Essence monoblocks uses separate power supplies to aid isolation of the output stage from the input stage. A separate transformer for control and display circuitry isolates them from the signal path.

Essence Monoblock Amplifiers from Gryphon

Based on Class A topology (“True, pure Class A means heavy transformers, very large heatsinks, lots of heat, lots of electricity, expensive parts and costly assembly,” said the company), the output section uses Sanken bipolar output devices, 20 transistors per unit too, “These transistors can be called upon to deliver massive amounts of momentary peak power without overload,” said the company. 

Essence Monoblock Amplifiers from Gryphon

The separate driver section has its own power supply from individual windings on the custom-made toroidal transformers offering thermal tracking between drivers and output devices. The driver section features its own bank of high quality capacitors.

Essence Monoblock Amplifiers from Gryphon

Heatsink temperature is monitored by a thermistor. In the event of overheating (for temperatures in excess of 90° C), the amplifier will shut down.

Essence Monoblock Amplifiers from Gryphon

Normal operation will resume when a safe operating temperature is reached. Price? A hot and sweaty £37,380 for the pair.

To read more, click gryphon-audio.dk

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