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EQ Addition for Pearl And Pearl Akoya App

Cabasse has launched a new sound profile, called GEN2, available from the Cabasse StreamCONTROL app for both iOS and Android

Cabasse has integrated the GEN2 sound optimisation EQ, via its StreamCONTROL application directly into its on-board software for its two Pearl speaker designs. 

EQ Addition for Pearl And The Pearl Akoya App

There’s actually more than a mere EQ going on here. Cabasse described GEN2 as: 

1: Optimisation of the low-frequency dynamics. 

The Pearl

2: Optimised automatic room correction. 

3: Dynamic Fidelity Enhancer: The Pearl and The Akoya adapt dynamically to the listening volume. 

The Pearl Akoya

4: Introduction of a sound pressure limiter to protect your speakers and eardrums.

EQ Addition for Pearl And The Pearl Akoya App

The GEN2 profile/EQ is now available via the Cabasse StreamCONTROL application for iOS and Android. 

EQ Addition for Pearl And The Pearl Akoya App

To learn more, click www.cabasse.com/en   

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