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Facet speakers from Elipson feature Chromecast

Elipson has teamed up with Google to announce Chromecast-toting powered and wireless Facet speakers

Elipson’s new bookshelf Prestige Facet 6BT (including a 25mm tweeter and 140mm mid/bass unit) and floor-standing Facet 14BT speakers (including a 25mm tweeter, 170mm mid/bass unit and 170mm bass unit) feature Class D amplifiers (150W on the 14BTs) and now Google’s Chromecast audio wireless streaming from any compatible device.

To install, you plug the powered speaker into the mains, connecting the other speaker with the loudspeaker cable supplied, then pair with a Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop or connect the Chromecast dongle to receive the source over your Wi-Fi network.

Elipson Facet speakers feature Chromecast

The APTX HD Bluetooth receiver can handle 24bit/48kHz high resolution audio files whilst the Google Chromecast dongle can provide 24bit/96kHz. The Chromecast function also allows you to transform your system into a full multi-room solution (when using other compatible speakers) using the App.

Elipson Facet speakers feature Chromecast

In addition to wireless connectivity, the speakers are also well equipped for wired connections including RCA Line, RCA Phono and 3.5mm inputs, together with a digital Optical input and Sub Output.

Elipson Facet speakers feature Chromecast

The Prestige Facet 6BT and Facet 14BT loudspeakers will receive their UK debut at the forthcoming Bristol Sound And Vision Show in February 2018.  They will be available in black, white and walnut vinyl cabinet finshes with black or white matching high gloss lacquered front baffles, priced at £550 for the Facet 6BTs and £1,150 for the Facet 14BTs. Google’s Chromecast Audio dongles are supplied at no extra cost.

Elipson Facet speakers feature Chromecast

To learn more, clickwww.elipson.com

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  • Reply
    27th January 2018 at 1:45 pm

    Given technology trends I can see why people would be interested in powered speakers that don’t require speaker cables (though they may see the irony in having to get electricity to the speakers’ internal amplifiers via a wire connection). What I don’t get is Chromecast’s involvement. There has to be a DAC involved in the process somewhere. Is the DAC supplied in the Chromecast dongle? And does Chromecast use the same DAC in all its wireless devices and if so is there a “signature sound” to Chromecast connected audio? If I’m paying $1,800 for a set of speakers I’d like to know there’s a decent DAC in the product’s design but I guess that’s because I’m an audiophile.

    • Reply
      Paul Rigby
      27th January 2018 at 10:05 pm

      Hi Greg – I think Chromecast is there to transfer any Wi-Fi source sound to the speakers. Hence, if it’s enabled for Wi-Fi, the speakers should be able to play it via Chromecast. It will also send the source to rooms full of Facets, if you have them. To give you a multi-room option.

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