Electrum Speakers From Colibri Labs

15th November 2019

Electrum Signature floor-mounted and Electrum S stand-mounted speaker designs hit the high end market in a Croatian sorta way

I wouldn’t say that the company is overly verbose when it talks about its products. Let me show you the initial press release that I received from the outfit

Get that? Exactly. Like reading War & Peace, wasn’t it? I know I struggled to finish it. 

Electrum Speakers From Colibri Labs

So I asked for more (any) information on the speakers and received text as near as dammit to morse code as I’ve ever seen. 

Electrum Speakers From Colibri Labs

From what I can make out from the static, the Electrum Signature is a 2-way design featuring a bass reflex port with a sensitivity of 87 db.

Electrum Speakers From Colibri Labs

Weighing 82 kg each, the speakers use a hybrid MDF and aluminium chassis.

Duelund loudspeaker crossover components are used within. Price is €30,000.

Electrum Speakers From Colibri Labs

The Electrum S is another 2 way with a bass reflex and the same sensitivity figures (which surprises me a tad).

They are much lighter at 17 kg each (possibly because the chassis is purely MDF).

The crossover utilises Mundorf and Duelund components. Price is €9,300 with stands priced at €1,600 extra.

To experience your own Sound of Silence, click www.audiocolibri.com or call +385 98 911 3082

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