Echo Diastasis PH-79 phono amplifier: Down to the E-Core

4th January 2017

Designed by George and Spiros Loutridis, the Echo Diastasis PH-79 phono amplifier has emerged from Greece

According to designer, Georgios Loutridis, inside the amplifier, “…there are special enhancement devices, an additional noise rejection stabiliser and a special topology, ensuring that the delicate and low voltage signal of every phono cartridge (moving coil, magnet or iron) in the path to any amplifier, will be free from unwanted and annoying noises.”

The phono amp features active equalisation and zero feedback plus a E-Core transformer.

A dual-mono design, the design arrives with gold-plated and Teflon-coated connectors.

The input impedance covers 47, 100, 220, 470/1kOhms and 47 kOhms with gain covering MM 41dB, MC 60dB, MC 65dB

Spanning 440 x 340 x 147mm and weighing 9kg, it is priced at €3,200.

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