DX160 2020 From iBasso

20th March 2020

iBasso has announced the tweaked 2020 variant of its DX160, its mid range Android DAP player that features twin CS43198 DAC chips and has a 1080p display

Improvements include changes to the buffer for a, “…higher slew rate, wider bandwidth and a higher current output, resulting in higher power output,” said the company.

The 3.5mm output has been changed to a CTIA standard 3.5mm output meaning that headphone cables with microphones built-in are now supported.

Also, there is a display panel manufacturer change. The resolution and size are apparently the same at a 5” 1080p LCD but the Sharp component has been switched over to JDI (Japan Display Inc). Brightness and contrast have not been specified.

The DX160 is one of the few DAPs that arrive with Android 8.1 Oreo.

The unit totes two audio output sockets: a 4.4mm Pentaconn and a standard 3.5mm. 

It also features MQA decoding, a rotary encoder dial and it is the only portable DAP that supports Bluetooth 5.0. 

Sporting front and rear glass panels along with a CNC’d aluminium frame, it also uses an unspecified Octa-core Rockchip SOC.

The price remains the same as the 2019 launch price. Pre-orders for the 2020 variant begin on 20 March until 10 April. The first batch will only be included in black. The other colours will be available on April 10th.

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