Pro-Ject Box Design DS2: Launching in the UK with nine different products

23rd August 2017

The “middle-range” DS Line is getting a complete revamp. All DS2 models are housed inside a 206mm aluminium/metal sandwich case that’s inspired by the popular RS Line’s design.

The new range includes…

Pre Box DS2 Digital (£785)

The Pre Box DS2 Digital pre-amplifier features a built-in phono stage, 32bit DSD-capable DAC, Bluetooth receiver and separate headphone amplifier.  Based around the same AK4490 D/A converter as the new DAC Box DS2 Ultra, the Pre Box DS2 Digital accommodates USB, optical and coaxial inputs for playback of high resolution digital music files up to 32bit/768 kHz PCM and DSD256 (DoP). The AK4490 from Asahi Kasei Microdevices has five digital filters built-in and all PCM signals are up-sampled to 768kHz. The additional AK4137EQ sample-rate converter, used in the Pre Box DS2 Digital, features three sound modes. The Pre Box DS2 Digital also boasts a built-in phono stage with Moving Magnet and Moving Coil compatibility. The built-in Subsonic Filter also adds a bass roll-off function. An aptX Bluetooth receiver is included along with a fixed analogue output, a variable analogue output, a sub-woofer output and dedicated 6.3mm headphone jack output. There’s also an optional +6dB Gain boost for added impact in the audio output. The Pre Box DS2 Digital can be controlled either by the front panel or the supplied remote control. The 12V trigger output on the back panel allows for other compliant devices (such as the Amp Box DS2) to switch on and off when the Pre Box DS2 Digital is controlled.

Pre Box DS2 Analogue (£435)

The Pre Box DS2 Analogue is a single-ended Class A output pre-amplifier. The electrical layout includesh a newly developed relay-controlled volume pot. The Pre Box DS2 Analogue can be controlled either by the front panel or the supplied remote control. The 12V trigger output on the back panel allows for other compliant devices (such as the Amp Box DS2) to switch on and off when the Pre Box DS2 Analogue is controlled.

Amp Box DS2 Stereo/Mono £520/£475 

The Amp Box DS2 models are built around a Class D module. The internal design of the Amp Box DS2 uses a four-layer PCB. The Amp Box DS2 has four isolated speaker terminals on the back panel and a Loop Output for passing the audio signal onto another device. The trigger link allows for the amplifier to be turned on when a connected Pre Box DS2 is switched on.

Head Box DS2 B (£520) 

The Head Box DS2 B is a fully balanced headphone amplifier with a maximum output of 1100mW into 33Ω. To ensure wide compatibility there are three different current settings and four different gain settings available on the front panel. There’s also the option to connect both balanced (4-Pin XLR) and un-balanced (6.3mm jack) headphone cables. Internally the Head Box DS2 B is laid out in dual-mono configuration, complete with a phase inverter to convert any un-balanced signal to a balanced one immediately at the input stage. For accurate reproduction, the premium TPA6120A2 amplifier chip from Texas Instruments has been used.


DAC Box DS2 Ultra (£600) 

The DAC Box DS2 Ultra DAC uses the Asahi Kasei Microdevices AK4490 DAC chip,  up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD256 (DoP). The additional AK4137EQ sample rate converter with Velvet Sound technology up-scales all signals to 768kHz. You also get five built-in filters and three sound modes. Six digital input options include two coaxial and three optical inputs, limited to 24bit/192kHz signals. The more advanced signals are reserved for the Type-B USB input. The USB input utilises asynchronous USB technology, based on XMOS designs. This high-resolution coverage spreads to 11.2MHz DSD256 files, where the design of the DAC uses DSD Direct Path for un-modulated signal transmission. Internally, it boasts the same 4-layer PCB boards as other DS2 products and the output stage is configured with solid-state Class A circuitry.

CD Box DS2 T (£550)

The CD Box DS2 T CD transport features a torsion-resistant cabinet, while the Blue Tiger servo system from Stream Unlimited allows for real-time scanning with “minimal jitter”.

Tube Box DS2 (£600)

A dual-mono design, developed by Dr. Sykora, the Tube Box DS2 is a phono pre-amplifier with a valve output stage that replaces the Tube Box DS. Compatible with both MM and MC cartridges, it is fully customisable for gain and capacitance settings, as well as boasting a continuously adjustable impedance dial – taken from the flagship Phono Box RS – that can be adjusted during playback. There is also a switchable subsonic filter. The Tube Box DS2 benefits from two selectable inputs and outputs, allowing the connection of multiple turntables or tonearms to the input and different amplifiers to the output.

Phono Box DS2 USB (£520)

The Phono Box DS2 USB supports Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges.  It also uses a, “…very low-noise and jitter-free…” Analogue-Digital Converter (ADC) to record via USB or optical up to 24bit/192kHz PCM or DSD 128 (DSD is USB only). The internal layout of the Phono Box DS2 USB is a dual-mono configuration including ultra-linear RIAA equalisation. You can further tweak the capacitance, gain and impedance settings to get the best sound from your turntable and cartridge. The two phono inputs allow for multiple turntables or tonearms to be connected to the phono stage and the additional Line input allows for any other analogue equipment to benefit from the device’s recording abilities. The optical output also offers the option to connect a turntable into a digital audio system.

The new casework can also be supplied in either black or silver, with wooden side panels (eucalyptus and walnut, respectively) included for added retro appeal.

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