Demand Series Speakers From Definitive

19th December 2018

At the heart of the Demand Series is its choice of drive units: the treble driver is offset by five degrees to, “…eliminate symmetrical diffusion from the corners of the baffle,” while the new 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens, “…smoothes the off-axis response of the tweeter for improved dispersion over a wider listening area,” said the company

The same thinking informs the Linear Response Waveguide used on the mid/bass drivers, which, “…improves both on- and off-axis frequency response and improves dispersion,” while the same BDSSTM Double Surround woofer technology found in the company’s impressive BP9000 Series allows, “…longer driver excursions while retaining precise movement, for greater bass punch and control.”

A passive bass radiator is used to tune the low frequencies in the larger D9and D11 models, while the smallest Demand Series speaker, the D7 users a reflex port.

The drivers are mounted in an inert three-layer front baffle using extruded aluminium, while the cabinets are finished in five layers of black gloss paint and polished to a mirror finish.

The Demand Series features both wall-mounts and a locking system to fix the speakers to the optional ST1 stands.

Prices? The D7 is £529, the D9 is £799 and the D11 is £1,049.

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