Debut Carbon turntable Speed Box DS Strobo upgrade

21st April 2015

Debut Carbon turntable users – as well as many other older 230V and 16V AC motor models – can now upgrade their decks with the Speed Box DS Strobo.

By connecting a compliant turntable to the box, you can also bring automatic speed changes to your system.

The Speed Box DS Strobo allows for easy switching between 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speeds, without having to touch the drive belt. With the additional Speed Box Pulley (available separately for £15) you can also achieve 78 RPM speed on supported turntables. The ‘+’ and ‘–‘ buttons on the front panel allow for finer speed adjustments. By pressing these buttons you can adjust the speed by 0.2% up or down in 40 steps. A master speed reset function allows for switching back to the base-level speed.

The inclusion of a stroboscopic light attachment means that you can also partner your turntable and Speed Box DS Strobo with Pro-Ject’s Strobe-IT (available separately for £25). The speed regulation is quartz-generated.

As well as the Debut Carbon, the Speed Box DS Strobo is an upgrade for all Pro-Ject turntables with 230V AC motors and a captive mains lead. Most turntables with 16V AC motors can also use this upgrade. Available in black only, the price is £199.

The company is also releasing the new 2 Xperience SB turntable. Available in four finishes: piano black, olive, walnut and mahogany, it utilises a vinyl-topped sandwich platter. The 2 Xperience SB arrives with the addition of a new motor, new automatic speed control and new tonearm.

The new motor is driven by a DC power supply and regulated by a built-in electronic speed changer. The pre-installed 9CC Evolution tonearm includes a light-weight, one-piece carbon fibre tube that’s mounted inside a heavy assembly and finished with a sorbothane-damped counterweight.

The turntable is supplied with an Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge pre-fitted. Based on the 2M Red design, this special version, found only on Pro-Ject turntables, features silver voice coils in the generator system.

An acrylic dust cover, screw-on record clamp and coned feet finish off the package. Price is £1,050
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