Darkz d·tc resonance control from ansuz

29th January 2016

The Darkz d·tc resonance control is the company’s first product release that sits within its high-end, d·tc, line.

Made of a heavy composite material that was created in, of all things, a particle accelerator to create a hard and dense material structure, containing diamond, the Darkz d·tc weighs in at a meaty 216gm each.

The line arrives featuring two models: the Darkz d·tc Resonance Control and Darkz d·tc Cable Lifters. The Darkz d·tc Resonance Control is designed to stand under hi-fi equipment, while the Darkz d·tc Cable Lifters are to be placed, you guessed it, under cables. Prices range from £359 each for the Resonance Control and from £460 per cable lifter.

For more information, call +45 40 51 14 31 or click on www.ansuz-acoustics.com