6th December 2022

The Phantom M-675 is an in-wall speaker featuring eight drive units, all developed in-house

This one is equipped with two SMC based 7” bass- and midrange drivers and four 7” passive radiators.

The M-675 bass- and midrange drivers feature the SMC? This is Dali’s own technology that aims to minimise distortion and more in the heart of the magnet system.

The M-675 features the company’s own Hybrid Tweeter Module, consisting of a 28mm soft dome tweeter and a ribbon tweeter working together.

It can also be rotated, for optimum horizontal dispersion when used as a centre channel, mounted horizontally below or above the screen.

The speaker is ready for mounting out-of-the-box, with no additional accessories needed.

Magnetic grilles are included in the box and are fully paintable.

Price is £2,199.

Website: www.dali-speakers.com