D300 Series Speakers from Wharfedale

7th September 2018

The D300 range consists of four models: two compact standmount speakers – the D310 and slightly larger D320 – and a floorstander called the D330. These are joined by a centre channel speaker for home cinema systems, the D300C.

The range will run concurrently with the existing Diamond 11 Series. While the D300 models do not sport the curved cabinet sides of the Diamond 11 speakers, their enclosures incorporate many similar technologies, re-designed and engineered specifically for this new range. 

D300 Series Speakers from Wharfedale

For the bass/mid drivers, the latest generation of Wharfedale’s long-established woven Kevlar cones are bonded to a surround made of foamed polyether.

These cones are driven by a super-long-throw voice coil motor system.

D300 Series Speakers from Wharfedale

The use of a specially shaped one-piece pole plate fitted with a copper cap, “…reduces inductance and controls the magnetic flux, ensuring low distortion through the critical midrange area.” 

Oversized ceramic magnets – a technology pioneered by Wharfedale in the 1960s – are included.

D300 Series Speakers from Wharfedale

The driver assembly is mounted in a specially designed basket with a network of ribs to increase rigidity. A large open area behind the cone reduces early reflections.

D300 Series Speakers from Wharfedale

Developed for the Diamond 11 Series and fine-tuned for the D300 range, Wharfedale’s WFR (Wide Frequency Response) tweeter incorporates its own ‘cabinet’ – a rear chamber damped with a fibre filling.

D300 Series Speakers from Wharfedale

Crossover components feature low-loss polypropylene capacitors and laminated core inductors.

The cabinets feature 28mm-thick front baffles profiled at the edges to, “…reduce diffraction edge reflections at mid to high frequencies,” said the company. 

D300 Series Speakers from Wharfedale

In addition, the cabinet walls are lined with a specially developed internal fibre, chosen for its absorbent qualities across a wide bandwidth.

Developed from the Slot-Loaded Distributed Port found in the Diamond 11 Series, the D300 Series’ P-EQ (Pressure Equalisation) port system enhances the speakers’ bass performance.

D300 Series Speakers from Wharfedale

The Wharfedale D300 Series is available from late September. All speakers come in a choice of black, white, walnut and rosewood. Recommended retail prices are as follows:

D310: £159 per pair

D320: £199 per pair

D330: £499 per pair

D300C: £179

To learn more, click www.wharfedale.co.uk

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