Cyrus ONE amplifier features new look and built in headphone amp

4th May 2016

Cyrus ONE is a 100W amplifier the third generation of the company’s hybrid class D technology and includes a built-in phono stage, Bluetooth streaming and headphone amplifier but without the need for internal heat sinks, reducing heat extremes.

The built-in Class AB headphone amplifier is automatically activated when the headphones are plugged in, with the toroidal power supply switching all of its power to the headphone circuits. At the same time, the volume is automatically returned to zero to protect the user’s hearing and headphones, and in turn, the volume reverts to zero when the headphones are removed.

Four additional line level inputs provide connectivity for other devices and the amplifier is also fitted with an AV Bypass mode for use in home cinema systems.

The selection of partnering loudspeakers is aided by the automatic Speaker Impedance Detection (SID) circuit instantly measuring the speaker impedance and adjusting the amplifier to suit.

Flexibility and personalisation are the watchwords, with features like LED dimming to match the brightness of the front panel indicators to the environment. Firmware updates are made possible via the micro USB port on the rear. Price is £699.

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