Cyrus ONE: A New App For the New Amp

3rd December 2016

Cyrus has released a mobile app for its ONE amplifier. For use on the iOS and Android platforms, the Cyrus ONE app enables users to control input selection and volume from a smartphone or tablet

In order to utilise the app, users of the Cyrus ONE will have to update the firmware in their unit, which you can do by connecting the Cyrus ONE to a PC or Mac via the mini USB connection on the amplifier and installing the firmware which is available from Alternatively, you can take the unit to an authorised Cyrus retailer, who will be able to perform the update.


The new firmware also provides an additional upgrade to the ONE. Cyrus engineers have modified the operation of the automatic Speaker Impedance Detection (SID) circuit to greatly reduce the audible test impulse heard when switching the amplifier on. The performance of the SID, which instantly measures the speaker impedance and adjusts the amplifier to suit, is unaffected by this change.

The Cyrus ONE app is available now from Google Play and the Apple App Store.