CXN (V2) from Cambridge: Network Streamer upgrade

29th December 2017

A new processor with extra oomph plus improved internet radio and new control options with Tidal promised in the future

The CXN (V2) signal is passed through ATF2 upsampling technology and then through dual Wolfson WM8740 DACs.

Cambridge CXN (V2): Network Streamer upgrade

All audio is upscaled to a 24bit/384kHz format using polynomial curve fitting interpolation (try saying it fast after six pints and a whiskey chaser, during a spare moment).

CXN (V2) introduces mpeg-DASH and HLS compatibility out of the box, which allows for, “higher quality, more consistent live streams, creating an intimate internet radio experience.”

Cambridge CXN (V2): Network Streamer upgrade

Because the CXN (V2) supports DASH, radio stations from the BBC will be available in 320 kbps.

Also included is Spotify Connect, Airplay, Internet Radio, NAS Drive/ UPnP compatibility, asynchronous USB, Coax and TOSLINK digital inputs, DSD64 support and AptX Bluetooth (with added BT100 receiver).

Cambridge CXN (V2): Network Streamer upgrade

There’s a colour screen on the front so you can always see the album artwork and commands that you’re sending to the unit. Control can be issued via the app – Cambridge Connect.

Spanning 85 x 430 x 305mm and weighing in at 3.5kg, with Tidal promised in early 2018 via a software update, the unit is priced at £800.

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