Copland DAC 215. Is it a DAC? Is it a Headphone Amp? Is it a pre-amp? Er…yes.

2nd July 2016

Hailing from Denmark, the Copland DAC 215 can be used as a headphone amp, a preamp or as a pure DAC via ‘direct’ mode. The latter is based around the 32bit, eight-channel ESS9018 Sabre32 Reference DAC chip in quad-mono configuration.

Compatible with PCM data up to 32bit/384kHz plus DSD64/128 the Copland offers a Class A analogue section that users of the company’s CD players will be familiar with plus a valve-based headphone amp section that include two ECC88/6DJ8/6922 valves

The Copland arrives with a suite of inputs including an asynchronous USB. The asynchronous USB-B port connects to the computer’s USB-A port. No power is taken from the computer. The regulated power supply for the USB input section has its own winding of the power transformer and the noisy computer line is completely interrupted by the use of digital Isolators. You will also find two coaxial and optical digital inputs plus one RCA analogue input while outputs include two RCA (fixed gain for pure DAC mode; variable gain for preamp mode) and a 6.35mm headphone socket

Available with a black or silver fascia, the DAC 215 is priced at £1,998.
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