USB Control From Computer Audio Design

9th June 2023

It’s a dinky ground device to reduce noise from whatever device its plugged into.

Yes this is old news but I wanted to flag up the USB Control, in case you missed it. Sometimes news items passes me by – principally because there’s only me here and there’s only see many hours, etc. Even so…

Computer Audio Design USB Control

Used individually, the USB Control offers an entry point into the CAD noise control portfolio. Used alongside existing CAD products, it will deliver further sonic improvements.

Computer Audio Design USB Control

The frequency of unwanted noise varies in every audio system and in each domestic environment – and will even vary at different times of day in the case of mains power. CAD’s USB Control reduces this unwanted high frequency noise across an extremely broad frequency spectrum, from KHz up into the GHz range.

Computer Audio Design USB Control

Like all CAD noise reduction products, the USB Control uses unique CAD-developed technology. Specifically, the USB Control is engineered to reduce higher frequency noise on both the signal ground and +5Vdc power. This +5Vdc power is available in all USB connections but in many audio components this same +5Vdc is also used in crucial audio circuitry. 

Computer Audio Design USB Control

Music servers, routers, network switches, digital interfaces, etc. can all benefit.

Prices? £750 or $750 each.

Website: Email: [email protected]. Tel: 0203 397 0334.