Colibri Labs Electrum loudspeakers:  A New Musical Combo Has Just Hit Town

19th December 2016

Born in Croatia, the name of these 2-way speakers reportedly refers to an alloy of silver, copper and gold


Before you get carried away, I don’t think you’re supposed to take that literally. These speakers appear not to include such a rich alloy but the essence of that amalgam is sort of seen here…only in wood form (I know, it’s a bit of a stretch) as each speaker apparently features a wood amalgam of oak, birch, mediapan (which, I gather, is a MDF) and maple. It’s a very around-about-way of giving a speaker a ‘clever’ name, it seems.


The construction is intriguing though and quite possibly unique. Each cabinet is constructed from three boxes of different thicknesses and each side is made from a different wood material. The idea is to create an enclosure free of any outside noise influences.


A pair weighs in at 105 kg. Within that weighty structure feature high-end components including Scan-Speak speaker units, Mundorf gold silver oil and copper foil coils.


Sporting a 87db sensitivity, each speaker spans 1140 x 222 x 405 mm and each pair is priced at €12.000.


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